At Ludwiga's Linen, we specialize in antique/vintage hand-woven European linen textiles, grain sacks and mangle cloth. I am
tremendously excited to offer you the antique linen fabrics for your own creative and decorative purposes along with products
made from these beautiful, durable, eco-friendly textiles. We handpick all of our textiles and buy only the very best quality
linen available. To learn how the antique linen fabrics were made, please see our
history page.
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The line of antique linen products I create and offer consists of the
following products:

In addition to our beautiful textiles, I will soon introduce a line of
handcrafted artisan soaps and lotions. Luxurious and fresh, my
products are made with all natural ingredients. To me, these
fragrances evoke the essence of a Provencal summer with scents
such as Lavender and Lime, Oatmeal Milk and Honey, Lemon
Poppyseed and Jasmine Iris. Our gift packages will include
selections of our lotions and soaps along with antique linen
personal care items.
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